Worship With FBCCS

     Each week I will be listing the worship songs for the upcoming Sunday Worship Service. This will give you an opportunity to search and listen to them ahead of time. I know that sometimes we sing songs that you are not familiar with and this will allow you to learn them so that you can sing and worship with
us on Sunday's.
     Maybe you can make this a part of your daily worship/quiet time/Bible study.....you get the idea. Join me in making 2021 a great year of worship and service to our King.
Bro. Keith

May 2nd    

I'll Fly Away
At Calvary

Living Hope

What A Beautiful Name



I'll Fly Away - Listening Demo
00:00 / 02:57
06 At Calvary
00:00 / 03:57
Living Hope - Listening Demo
00:00 / 05:22
What a Beautiful Name - Listening Demo
00:00 / 05:25